Sales / Customer Analysis Experts

Consultant KB, MBA

  • Top 20 MBA
  • Significantly improved trade accrual accuracy and overall trade promotion management process, including period close preparation and quarterly liability reviews/SOX compliance, for sales finance customer teams at major consumer packaged goods client.
  • Prepared analyses assessing major event performance and impact on customer margins as a result of price increases and trade promotion rate changes for major consumer packaged goods client.
  • Created a sales forecasting tool used by a CEO in weekly cash call meetings with international manufacturing and service business units.
  • Developed pricing, revenue volume and margin model used by various large grocery customers.
  • Developed trade accrual analytical tool that estimated required reserve balances by customer/brand and was used to support period close, quarterly liability reviews and the planning process for a major consumer packaged goods client.
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Consultant RM3, MBA, CPA

  • Big 4 CPA / Top 20 MBA
  • Improved sales forecasting procedures and information flow, in newly created role, to support operational shift to production outsourcing, utilizing Excel models and Demand Solutions, while serving as a key liaison among operations, finance, sales, marketing and IT during this strategic transition.
  • Developed annual sales plan as a part of annual budget in coordination with sales and marketing relative to sales goals by product, class of trade and customer account.
  • Identified areas within the sales and operations departments negatively affecting profit; monitored “profit busters” by sales rep, team, and division, resulting in significant profit improvement.
  • Monitored pricing programs and developed sales incentive program; tracked and communicated operational results and trends to senior sales, marketing and finance management.
  • Designed and created POS database of weekly SKU data by major customer and automated weekly reporting, reducing man-hours and highlighting trends, weather impacts, and promotional effects.
  • Redesigned regional go-to-market strategy, consistent with corporate mission to be the premier distributor of wine and spirits, resulting in restructuring of sales department; reduced selling expense while increasing customer-face time and more education on products/trends.
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Consultant MG, CA / MBA

  • Performed financial and business analyses including sales analysis, gross margin analysis by product and by customer. Analyzed and explained major variances.
  • Developed sales and gross margin plan and forecasts for a $400M division of major retailer. Divisions included Layaway, Restaurant and Gasoline businesses.
  • Developed weekly reporting of sales, markdowns, gross margin, inventory and receipts reporting involving complex Excel formulas and shared files.
  • Streamlined daily sales reporting process, resulting in a savings of 7 staff hours/week.
  • Basic usage of SAS financial forecasting and planning system including updating forecasts, entering plan for sales, gross margin, inventory and receipts. Able to create views for quick data retrieval and export to Excel.
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Consultant RM2, MBA, CPA, CMA, CFM

  • Big 4 CPA
  • Built a five year plan for Accertify, which had just been acquired by American Express. Coordinated five year plan inputs directly with the CEO and the Senior Executive team. Coordinated and executed on all aspects of the planning process, including pipeline and waterfall analysis, salesperson planning, revenue planning in accordance with internal measurements and GAAP, gross margin analysis, headcount planning and related labor and burden analytics, SG&A planning, and capital planning.
  • Prepared 70+ page financial measurement reports for the CFO of IBM Global Services World Wide prior to the quarterly earnings release. The reports included extensive analysis of pipeline, signings, backlog, revenue, margins, expense, capital, headcount, cost reduction initiatives, budgets, forecasts, R&D, etc. The information was prepared by geography, sector (customer segment), and offering. Source data was obtained from a variety of sources and from virtually all time zones in a compressed timeframe.
  • Analyzed and documented complex network billing processes within a three party supply chain.
  • Identified breakages in processes and erroneous charging from both a vendor and customer Perspective. Initiated process changes to address the problems. Saved $5m over a three year period through initial reconciliation efforts and subsequent non-quantified cost savings as a result of process changes. The scope of the project included leading a task force of billing specialists to identify invoicing problems, and negotiating problem resolution with the vendor.
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