Projects are inflection points – they can lead to faster growth, more efficient
operations, and a healthier bottom line. But they can also be a challenge to manage and execute. They can overburden executives and staff already busy with day-to-day responsibilities, and can require skills and background that may not be present within the organization.

The solution is DLC. We provide the people you need, whether that’s one consultant or a team. They have the technical knowledge and hands-on experience you require. They focus exclusively on your project until it is done – on time and on target.


Financial Planning & Analysis

Planning and analysis functions are critical to a true understanding of a company's past performance and current situation. FP&A enables
navigation to desired outcomes.

Financial Accounting & Reporting

Whether the goal is to meet an urgent deadline, improve a process, or
create an accounting department from the ground up, we can assist now.

Financial Systems Implementation

Financial systems changes can bring order and focus, or create organizational chaos. Proper levels of project support from the finance function increase
success rates, and ensure that user needs, not IT, drive the outcomes.

Interim or "Gap" Financial Management

Immediate full time hiring to refill open positions is generally a mistake.

Process Documentation & Redesign

How comprehensive is your view of how you do what you do?

Project Management

In a competitive marketplace the companies that accomplish the most in the shortest possible time frames are the big winners.

M&A Due Diligence Support

Getting over the goal post in an acquisition goes beyond the identification of the right target and establishing the means to make it happen.

Post Merger Financial Integration

Frequently mergers/acquisitions fail to reap anticipated "combination upside"-or spend many years and dollars trying to make the pieces fit.


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